Wall Soundproofing Systems

Whether it’s noisy neighbours, dogs barking, road traffic or trains, we understand how bothersome noise can be. But with our customisable wall soundproofing systems, we’ll make sure that no unwanted noise can pass through your walls again.

Soundproofing Walls

Our wall soundproofing systems work by dampening and dissipating the sound waves themselves, preventing them ever getting into your property. We achieve this by using:

Noise Reduction Insulations

From acoustic membranes to rockwools and muteboards, our solutions employ only the finest materials.

Complementary High Mass Materials

By combining different density materials we can effectively stop sounds at a range of frequencies.

Acoustic Sealants

High performance acoustic sealants ensure there are no gaps for the sound to get through.

The Noise Complaint

When it comes to soundproofing walls we first need to identify whether the noise complaint is airborne, structure-borne or a combination of the two. Depending upon the origin of the problem in your home, we can recommend a range of products designed to combat your specific issue.

Airborne Noise

This can be as the consequence of substandard workmanship, causing sound to transmit through gaps in or around the wall, or flanking sound travelling through poorly insulated areas. Even the smallest gaps can greatly increase the transmission of airborne noise pollution through your walls.

Structure-borne Noise

On the lower end of the frequency range, structure-borne noise is transmitted through the actual material of your walls. In many cases this takes the form of machinery installed in your building, or the rumble of tube trains or other heavy vehicles.

Wall Types

Internal Walls

Your internal walls are either load-bearing or non load-bearing. If it is a load-bearing wall that is the problem, the wall can be replaced, but will require considerable planning and is a costly procedure. Instead, we can install soundproofing systems around the wall to help combat noise.

When it comes to non-loadbearing walls there is a range of systems that we can install to reduce noise transmission. Though first of all, we will need to evaluate whether:

  • There is insulation between the studs.

  • The noise type is airborne, structure-borne or both.

  • The decibel level of the noise on your side of the wall.

With this information we can prescribe a soundproofing wall system that will work best for you.

External Walls

If you’re disturbed by the sounds of ceaseless road traffic, or annoying antisocial noise, you may also want to soundproof your exterior walls.

Our external wall soundproofing systems are installed on the exterior of your property and are comprised of noise dampening insulation and render.

Enjoy the added benefits of even greater heat insulation and lower energy bills.

Party Walls

We find that a lot of customers face noise pollution from noisy neighbours through poorly insulated party walls. Whether that’s the neighborhood DJ playing records, the practicing pianist or simply audible conversations it can be a real annoyance, especially at night.

When it comes to soundproofing party walls we first need to establish what the separating wall is built from, and how the noise is permeating through.

The solution will then either require:

  • The application of sound-reduction products to the wall.

  • The installation of acoustic insulation within the cavity.

Our Wall Soundproofing Systems


Decibel Reductions: up to 40dB
Cost: Starting from £150 sqm

Complementary High Mass Materials

Decibel Reductions: up to 50dB
Cost: Starting from £250 sqm

Acoustic Sealants

Decibel Reductions: up to 55dB
Cost: Starting from £295 sqm

Remember, soundproofing your home is only as effective as your weakest link. If you’re suffering from noise pollution and are considering soundproofing walls in your property, you may also want to consider:

As independent experts on soundproofing walls, we guarantee to only ever advise you on the products we think will work best for your property.