Soundproof Doors

Next to windows, doors are considered one of the easiest points of entry for nuisance noise. Though they may keep the cold out, if not designed to reduce noise pollution they can let sound in through the glazing, around gaps in the frame or simply the material of the door itself. With our soundproof doors you can expect a reduction of up to 45dB.

Specialist Soundproof Doors

Our products are designed to stop sound both getting out and in. So whether you are simply disturbed by the noise of your neighbours, or are building a professional recording studio, we have solutions to suit every situation.

Soundproof French Doors

The most popular of our products, our soundproof french doors are perfect for patios and gardens opening up to noisy environments. Letting natural light into whilst keeping the sounds of aircraft and antisocial noise out, the modern design of these doors is elegant and adds considerable value whilst delivering exemplary security features.

Soundproof Folding Doors

Maximising on space and adding a new design element to your property, our soundproof folding doors are installed on low friction runners to allow for the smooth opening and closing of these heavy units. With a multi-point locking system sleep easy at night safe, secure and free from unwanted sound.

Soundproof Sliding Doors

Highly recommended for properties in which space is a primary concern, our soundproof sliding doors neatly slide to the side to remain unobtrusive when opened. When closed, they shut tight with specialised acoustic seals, designed to stop noise transference between rooms.

Soundproof Internal Doors & Units

Our specialised soundproof internal doors are just a little bit different than your standard 2040mm units. Manufactured using noise dampening techniques and materials, they are custom installed with specialised seals to prevent noise noise seeping around the frame.

2 Door Systems

In the case of professional or highly demanding environments such as professional recording studios, home cinemas or club entrances, a 2 door system is highly recommended. We install two units back to back, one opening in and one opening out with an air gap in between to shut noise in and keep noise out.

We offer expert advice on installing soundproof doors. To speak to us about your options and discover what solution will work best for you, get in touch.


Doors and Sound

Whilst doors are generally designed to prevent draughts and keep your property safe, most traditional units are not manufactured to combat noise pollution. In most cases doors a standard door will keep moderate noise out, though in situations where noise pollution is high to severe installing a soundproof door, or custom unit is highly recommended.

In particular this applies to areas where noise is a primary concern such as recording studios, pubs and bars and other entertainment venues, however residential properties may also benefit from the installation of specialist soundproof doors especially where the door is mostly comprised of glazing.

Where doors are mostly glazing, the door will have a ‘coincidence frequency’ – a frequency at which the glass will act as perfect conductors for noises in a certain range, and can even amplify the sound. If this frequency coincides with the major source of your noise complaint you will experience a seriously impoverished quality of life in your property.

Types of Noise

Tackling noise pollution requires a considered approach and an understanding of the source of the complaint. This is because each source generally fits between certain frequency ranges depending upon your proximity to it.

The most common issues in the UK are from:

Aircraft Noise

The level of noise pollution from aircraft will depend on how close your property is to the flightpath, the type of planes, and whether they are taking off or landing…


Road Traffic Noise

Soundproofing doors against road traffic will require a different solution depending on whether you’re by an A road, are on the morning commute’s back streets…


Train Noise

Commercial or freight, over ground or underground, by the station or near the track. Your soundproof doors need to deal with the exact noise you’re experiencing…


Anti-Social Noise

Whether it’s the neighbour’s dog barking in the morning, the sound of a club nearby, or just footfall on the street, anti-social noise takes many forms.…


How Soundproof Doors Combat Noise Complaints

Soundproof doors work against noise by dampening and dissipating the soundwave, reducing its power and preventing it from entering your property. In our products this is achieved through a combination of the following:

Soundproof Glazing

Using two different thicknesses of glass to combat the coincidence frequency, soundproof glazing is also laminated with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) which reduces the elasticity of the glass, helping dampen the sound.

Acoustic Seals

High performance acoustic seals are affixed to the door and frame to ensure there are no air gaps around the door through which sound can travel.

Air Gaps

In two door systems an air cavity between the units of over 50mm dramatically improves acoustic insulation.


In sliding and folding door units, top of the range runners are installed to ensure that there are no gaps between the ceiling, floor and door whilst at the same time reducing friction for ease of use.

Remember, soundproofing your home is only as effective as your weakest link. If you’re suffering from noise pollution and are considering soundproofing doors in your property, you may also want to consider:

We pride ourselves on offering only the best advice and solutions that will genuinely work. To discover more about our soundproof doors and book a free noise consultation at your property, speak to us today.