Soundproofing Ceiling Systems

Stomping neighbours, washing machines thumping, the sounds of music and TV channels pouring through the floorboards above. Keeping you up at night and stressed during the day, noise pollution can be more than just a nuisance. But thankfully with our customisable soundproofing ceiling solutions, we can return peace and quiet to your property.

Ceiling Soundproofing

Our ceiling soundproofing systems work by dampening and dissipating sound waves, minimising their impact on your property. We achieve this by using:

Acoustic Membrane

Key to reducing both airborne noise and structural vibrations, visco-elastic membranes are placed between plasterboards.

Acoustic Plasterboard

With a high density core, acoustic plasterboards form part of our partition systems providing superior levels of sound insulation.

Resilient Bars

By decoupling acoustic plasterboards from the structure of your property, resilient bars also eliminate nail popping.

Mineral Wools

Designed to provide maximum sound absorption from airborne noise, acoustic mineral wool fill the cavities in the system.

How we soundproof your ceiling will depend on whether:

  • we can replace your ceiling; and
  • whether we can drop the ceiling height; and
  • your budget.

Ceiling Replacement

If replacing your entire ceiling is an option, we can install a custom built solution to deliver the greatest reductions in noise transference.

Combining high performance mineral wool, acoustic plasterboards, sealants and resilient bars, as well as noise dampening materials, ceiling replacement is the most drastic, but most effective solution.

Low Height Rooms

Where dropping ceiling height is an issue, a system of resilient bars can be installed on the underside of your existing ceiling or joists. These are then covered with acoustic plasterboard, decoupling the new ceiling from the structure above. Designed to absorb vibrations, these systems work for both impact and airborne noise pollution.

Alternatively, we can insert mineral wool between the existing joists above your ceiling and install acoustic plasterboard to attenuate airborne noise from above.

Independent Ceilings

If you can afford to lose some ceiling height and are suffering from both impact and airborne noise pollution, installing an independent ceiling might be the answer.

Creating an air gap between your current ceiling and the new installation, the new ceiling is isolated from the existing construction to prevent transference of sound through the structure itself.

Our Ceiling Soundproofing Systems


Decibel Reductions: up to 40dB
Cost: Starting from £150 sqm


Decibel Reductions: up to 50dB
Cost: Starting from £250 sqm

Soundproof Ultra

Decibel Reductions: up to 55dB
Cost: Starting from £295 sqm

Remember, soundproofing your home is only as effective as your weakest link. If you’re suffering from noise pollution and are considering soundproofing ceilings in your property, you may also want to consider:

How We Work

When it comes to soundproofing ceilings we approach each project individually, searching for a solution that will tackle your exact noise complaint. That’s why we don’t offer one-stop shop soundproof ceiling products, and instead provide consultancy on your options as well as installation of final products.

  1. Provide an initial consultation over the phone.
  2. Arrange a time to conduct a building and noise survey at your property.
  3. Discuss your budget and options.
  4. Install soundproof ceilings and products.

As independent experts on soundproofing ceilings, we guarantee to only ever advise you on the products we think will work best for your property.